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EXERCICES   DE   STYLE  (par projection)


© Mitsuaki Koshizuka 



© Mitsuaki Koshizuka 


Adaptation d'apres la photo de l'artiste MITSUAKI KOSHIZUKA



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1. Katina Huston (site web) 04/11/2014

Your site contains an error regarding the John Huston Collection mis crediting material as follows
The site credits the John Huston Collection formerly presented by arolyn Staley Gallery of Seattle, WA USA to John Marcellus Huston. The John Huston Collection was created by John (Schee) Huston born Des Moines Iowa 1914 died San Francisco, CA 1968. Mr. Huston was an entrepreneur in the field of real estate and a philanthropist in the area of art preservation. He founded the Council on Underwater Archaeology which focused on protecting Classical and pre classical mediterranean sites following world war two and the application of scuba to non war uses. While in Europe he found western art nouveau katagami collections being de accessioned to fund repairs. He responded by gathering all the examples he could find and promoting the art through dedicated exhibits in museums across America at The Asia Society, New York and Museum of the Art Institute of Chicago, to name two examples. The collection is currently managed by Katina Huston of California, his daughter. The website, Hustonkatagami.com is in production.

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